Monday, January 25, 2010


Just about every week, at our house, even if the laundry is not done, and the kitchen is a wreck, we all curl up on the couch for Mama's Media night. Our tastes are wildly erratic--from Doubt where we all speculated whether he was guilty or not, and went back to rewatch some of Meryl Streep's subtle facial expressions, to Main Noon Ha, a Shahrukh Khan classic from India that could be a trivia contest on filmic references (Mission Impossible meets High School Musical). I force feed my brood Fred Astaire and Humphrey Bogart. And we invite you to come along. I promise that I will stick (most of the time) to things you can get on Netflix.

This week my German studying teen loves Lola Rennt, the 80's indie hit that brought back nostalgia for our Berlin trip two winters ago, and reminded me that too much of my closet is now well over 20 years old. NOT for little ones.

I am still trying to figure out her tastes--she hacked into my queu and wants AUSTRALIA next....who can figure. Should be an interesting evening with my husband and I predicting every plot point.

Stay tuned!

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